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I don’t really enjoy holidays. I hate having to make everyone else’s plans work and not my own. All I do is run back and forth to different houses all day and it’s really emotionally exhausting.


I am 17 weeks along (on Tuesday) and haven’t felt the baby move. I know they say you may not feel it until closer to week 25, especially in your first pregnancy. But it doesn’t mean I’m not scared…

I’m extremely thankful that my baby girl was a very mobile baby in the womb because I was extremely paranoid about losing her the entire time. It actually scared me the first time she moved because it was like she turned herself completely over in my stomach. Now that she’s born, I still worry about losing her. I don’t think it ever goes away. Maybe it’s part of being a parent or maybe we’re just paranoid? Anyway, I’m sending positive thoughts/vibes/prayers your way!

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