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My purpose in life I think is to be an educator to others. Just by living my life, people have become more aware of certain things and understand them a little better. I have changed so many people’s minds about gay marriage and not by trying but because I’m not the stereotypical negative gay and am open to questions. It makes me feel important and unworthy to be here, but I’m also glad because the future people they meet hopefully won’t meet the negative words that could have come.


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Dumbass. Ever heard of gun safety? Don’t put your hand on the trigger unless you wanna shoot? Don’t wing a loaded gun around? It’s unfortunate that anti-gun folks don’t see the responsible gun owner and see this dumb shit all the time…

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annafromcraigslist asked:

Why do patients get more of those crazy hospital infections than staff? I know their immune systems are compromised, but staff is there day after day. Thanks if you decide to answer! :)




i would say you hit the nail right on the head- the patients are there when they are sick. the staff are there and healthy.  so the patients are able to pick the diseases up easier then the staff.  BUT it’s not like anyone who comes through the door is going to get infected (and every staff won’t).  Half the time, the patients come through the door WITH the infection, which they got at

  • the local gym
  • high school wrestling mat
  • camping
  • they don’t know where so neither will we
  • another facility or nursing home

so when you have all these people bringing in their VRE, MRSA, C-DIFF, you can try like hell to clean everything, wash your hands between patients, use gowns, gloves, etc, but you KNOW in the back of your mind that your shoes have been on the floor (and everyones’ shoes have been on the floor) in and out of those same rooms. ick.

ALSO a side note, but a very, very important one.  children have weak immune systems.  children like to be on the floor. parents like to bring their kids to the hospital to visit grandma jane, grandpa marvin, and cousin alice. besides the hospital being the last place you want to bring a healthy kid, a hospital FLOOR is absolutely, absolutely the last place you want a healthy kid to play.  besides (or maybe including) a port-a-potty.  

I have a separate pair of shoes for work and home and leave my work shoes in a specific spot in my garage. I’m a little OCD about it all, but I’d rather not get one of those. That may also be the reason why staff has a lower incidence of these because we are aware and more educated about it all. I’ve seen family walk into a contact room (no matter how much you educate them) without protection on more than one occasion. It’s hard to enforce because we have other patients and we can’t catch everyone before they get into the room.

that’s true- most of us have separate work shoes and home shoes- and won’t wear the work shoes in the house.  and strip our scrubs straight into the washer/wash bin (don’t sit on the couch when we get home).  Some hospitals don’t even allow you to wear scrubs home, and have laundry on site- they provide your scrubs and you wear street clothes to work and change there (even if you’re not working in a sterile area like surgery). 

I even go as far as having separate eye glasses for home and work. I needed a new pair anyway so I use my old one for work. I don’t touch my daughter or anything but the floor w my bare feet until I shower. We use my wifes car if we are going anywhere outside of work and all my work things stay in my car and I have a separate coat for work that I use even if I need just a light jacket.

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